• Mr. Spector

    Grade Level: K-5
    Department: Guidance
    Contact Information
    Phone: (973) 331-7100 x1415
    E-mail: keith.spector@montville.net


    School Counselor
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    Hello, my name is Keith Spector and I am thrilled to be Valley View’s full time School Guidance Counselor. An elementary counselor’s role is exciting, challenging, and constantly evolving. At Valley View, I, perform many responsibilities. I enjoy teaching guidance classes in grades K-5. Presently, I am teaching grades 2 & 3 weekly and visit all classes monthly. I also counsel children individually and in small groups with a focus on friendship and developing appropriate social skills.

    I enjoy working closely with both the teaching staff and the entire Valley View community. I seek an active role by being visible during the morning and afternoon dismissal times as well at during lunch and recess. My job responsibilities include being a member of both the school’s Intervention and Referral Service and Crisis Management teams.

    The main function of the Intervention and Referral Service Team is to help struggling students by incorporating the resources of the school’s child study team. I&RS meetings typically include the parents and teachers of those struggling students. These meetings are held at Valley View with a follow up meeting in 4-6 weeks. The outcome of the I&RS meeting may include a referral to the child study team to see if a learning disability might be holding back a child. An action plan is put into place for every child brought to the I&RS team regardless if that child is/isn’t referred for an educational evaluation.

    The Crisis Management team meets several times throughout the school year to implement the policies and regulations of the school district regarding bullying, safety, and prevention. Team members include the building principal, school nurse, physical education teacher, and secretarial staff. Special fire drills, lockdowns, and evacuation drills are conducted monthly according to state regulations. Each month one “regular” fire drill and one “specialty” drill must be conducted.

    kids This year marks the beginning of the Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying law being put into effect. There is a new procedure for recording and investigating suspected cases of bullying behavior. You can find more information on the district’s website regarding the new HIB legislation.

    I included various websites and links for parents to gain more information on helping children navigate bullying which includes cyber-bullying. Please feel comfortable in contacting me through the school’s website at keith.spector@montville.net or at (973) 331-7100 x1415. I look forward to another great year at Valley View.