Valley View Elementary School

MEDIA with Mrs. Jemas

Boy Reading

Our Kindergartners have learned how to take care of their library books and how to check them out. They have been doing a great job. Please help them to remember to take care of their books and remind them to bring them back on their Media day so that they can take a new one! Sometimes they choose the same kind of book week after week and I try to persuade them to take something else out. It isn't easy to convince them but slowly, they will broaden their horizons!

First Grade
Our first graders are learning that fiction books are shelved in ABC order by the author's last name. We pretended to be library books and we put ourselves on the shelf in ABC order by our last names. We also learned how to research from a nonfiction book. Ask your children about all the facts they learned about owls!!!

Second Grade
Second graders are learning about the basics of the Dewey Decimal System and how it helps us to find books easily. There are new sections opened up to the second graders this year, so they have a greater selection of books to choose from.

Third Grade
This year the third grade learns more about the Dewey Decimal System and what a genius Melvil Dewey was to create a system that helps us find books easily and has lasted over 100 years! We also learned about how to use the automated system to find books. When the computers are availabe, they can use them to look up books they want and see if we have them.

Fourth Grade
This year the students begin to do "Book Talks". This means they share a book they read with the class and present it in such a way as to inspire their classmates to read it. They use visual props that help to make the "talk" more creative. This assignment also teaches students to find the important literary devices an author uses to create a good book. You can see these terrific projects all around the Media Center! When you are in school, take a look!

Fifth Grade
We started our "Book Talks" in fifth grade and now that they are experienced, their book talks are really wonderful. They have come up with new and creative ways to share a book with their classmates and many have inspired them to read the book. You can see these creative projects around the Media Center. When you are visiting, take a look!