2019-2020 Officer Applications due on Monday, April1, 2019 by 2:10pm.

    Officer Interest Meeting: Tuesday, March 19, 2019 either half of lunch in 409. 

    2019-2020 Officer Application


    Verizon is charging Remind an additional fee that makes it impossible for us to continue supporting text messaging on its network. As a result, we’re forced to shut off the free Remind text messaging service for everyone who who has Verizon Wireless as their phone carrier beginning January 28. To minimize service disruptions on the 28th, you can find instructions for enabling smartphone or email notifications here: How to change my message notifications Don't worry, you will not be charged to use Remind through the app or your email! Download the free Remind app on the iOS App Store, on Google Play, or at rmd.me/a. Make sure to enable push notifications from Remind on your phone. Alternatively, you can enable email notifications: How to change my message notifications


    In a effort to go green, please join MTHS Key Club's Google Classroom.  We will post newsletters, activity sheets, and other documents on Google Classroom instead of making copies.
    MTHS Key Club 2018-2019 Google Classroom code: nguz022


    President: Cynthia Zhu

    Vice President: Marvin Gao
    Secretary: Aayush Desai
    Treasurer: Samuel Weinstein
    Historians: Francisco Vazquez, Charlotte Weinstein
    Webmaster: William Stefanic



    Advisors 18/19

    Jana Lenox and Maria Nord

    Email Ms. Lenox!

    Email Ms. Nord!