Get the best parking spot on Back to School Night on Monday, September 24th! 
    Bidding is now closed!  Congratulations to our winners and thank you for your donation to the Community Food Bank of NJ!
    1) $100.00 Fernandez
    2) $100.00 Iervolino
    3) $75.00 Lefkowitz
    4) $70.00 Andreou-Rodriquez
    5) $65.00 LaMotta
    6) $65.00 Rossinow
    7) $60.00 Edelman
    The Montville Township High School Key Club is continuing their annual Back to School Night Fundraiser for the 6th year.  7 prime parking spots in front of the school are being auctioned for charity!
    - You do not have to arrive early to find parking, nor do you have to park at the rec, the library or the side streets.  Show up right when the evening begins and park near the front door.
    - Get home quickly!  No waiting in lines to leave the parking lot!
    - Feel good about yourself for helping Key Club's charitable cause - The NJ Federation of Food Banks to help combat hunger in our state and community.
    - Email your bid to montvillekeyclubevents@gmail.com.  Don't forget to include your contact information in the email.  The Key Club website will update the top bidders each night at 9pm.  Come back to this site the next day to see if you have the one of the top 7 bids!
    -Got out-bid?  Re-bid!  Bidding ends Sunday, September 23rd at 9pm.  Winners notified by email with payment instructions.  BIDS GETTING TOO HIGH? SHARE THE COST WITH A FRIEND OR TWO OR THREE!  Carpooling is the way to go!
    ***The fundraiser starts today Monday, September 17th at 4pm and ends on Sunday, September 23rd at 9pm.***
    In a effort to go green, please join MTHS Key Club's Google Classroom.  We will post newsletters, activity sheets, and other documents on Google Classroom instead of making copies.
    MTHS Key Club 2018-2019 Google Classroom code: nguz022

    Congratulations to our newly- appointed executive board for the 2018-2019 service year!

    President: Cynthia Zhu

    Vice President: Marvin Gao
    Secretary: Aayush Desai
    Treasurer: Samuel Weinstein
    Historians: Francisco Vazquez, Charlotte Weinstein
    Webmaster: William Stefanic



    Advisors 18/19

    Jana Lenox and Maria Nord

    Email Ms. Lenox!

    Email Ms. Nord!