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    Upcoming Events

    Food Drive Committee


    Upcoming Meetings

    General Membership Dates

    October 2

    November 6

    November 20

    December 4

    December 11

    January 8

    January 22

    February 5

    February 19

    March 5

    March 19

    April 2

    April 23

    May 7

    May 21

    June 4

    Executive Board Dates

     October 30

    November 27

    December 18

    January 29

    February 26

    March 26

    April 30

    May 28


    Who are the Advisors?

    Mrs. Sturdy-Lange

    Mrs. Vytell-Mitschele

    Who is your Executive Board?

    President: Elijah Dor

    Vice President: Olivia Barragan

    Treasurer: Ryan Sun

    Corresponding Secretary: Mia Grillo

    Recording Secretary: Lindsay Probst


    What is Student Council?

    Student Council is a student-based civic organization designed to help promote school spirit and leadership among students.

    Students participating in all levels of the Council will maintain a high standard of personal conduct.  Council members will demonstrate leadership qualities by serving as good examples of behavior through their words and actions.

    All Council members will be expected to participate in approved activities, which will serve to enhance the quality of both the physical and behavior environment of the school.

    The purpose of student council is:
    1. To develop positive attitudes and to practice good citizenship.
    2. To promote harmonious relations throughout the entire school.
    3. To improve student/faculty relationships.
    4. To improve school morale and general welfare.
    5. To provide a forum for student expression.
    6. To plan special events or projects.
    Benefits of being involved in student council include: opportunity to gain experience in public speaking, and learn how to make a positive impact on school and community environment.  In addition, student council serves as a chance to meet new friends and work with a wide variety of people.

     Objectives of the Student council are to:
    1. Provide a democratic form in which students can address those school related issues, which affect their lives.
    2. Maintain open communication between students and school staff.
    3. Train students in the duties and responsibilities of good citizenship.
    Students must be very responsible people who are willing to work hard.   As student council members you will be called to serve other students by representing their issues.  The council does not have the power to change policies, only to voice student opinion.

     Student council will be involved in many community minded projects.
    1. School spirit.  First Fun Friday
    2. Community service.  Food drives, recycling projects, coat drives.
    3. Entreprenuership. School Store, bake sales, etc

    How to get involved?

    Each homeroom will be looking for representatives at the start of school to come to monthly meetings and be a voice for their fellow classmates. Even if you are not selected as a homeroom representative you can still participate in all of our activities and attend the meetins.  Those that are selected MUST attend the meetings every month in order to remain up to date with the various activities we are planning.