Our School

  • Hilldale Elementary School, comprised of diverse cultures, customs, and needs, believes that its likenesses unite and its differences enrich all aspects of the learning environment. Building character, respecting diversity, doing one’s best, and instilling a life-long commitment to learning in students are the foundation blocks of the school. The Hilldale staff, working closely with parents and community members, creates a school setting in which all students can achieve their potential. Proactive strategies, on-going assessments, guided reading, response journals for reading, writing and math, the use of trade books, learning centers, enrichment activities, technology tools, and writing workshops are used to improve student skills. A writing project, sponsored by parent volunteers, encourages students to write stories, essays, and poems for our Hilltales literary magazine. Support services include basic skills’ instruction, speech, resource room, occupational therapy, physical therapy, ESL, guidance, and an enrichment program. All of these learning activities and services enable students to access and use information necessary to become responsible and contributing members of society.
    The REACH Program, which fosters student responsibility and teaches decision-making skills, provides activities that focus on being a responsible citizen and making good decisions. Students are taught by high school students to “Say No” to harmful substances. Coping with peer pressure, building self-esteem, and being responsible for one’s actions are basic elements of the program, which correlates to and supports the elementary health curriculum. Student volunteerism enables students to work collaboratively. Student book buddies in second grade create shared projects or read with students in the kindergarten classes. Social service projects sponsored by the Student Council include a diaper drive, a food drive, a clothing collection, a math-a-thon, recycling projects, and game fundraisers for child oriented organizations.
    The Hilldale Parent Teacher Council, dedicated to supporting and enriching the educational environment, remains generous with its time, support, and funds in helping to maintain a quality program at Hilldale. Parent volunteers provide hot lunches, assist in the classrooms, run fundraisers, and work on projects at home to support a variety of school activities. The HPTC successfully raised enough money this year to purchase new playground equipment and learning materials for the classrooms. Cultural arts’ programs, the May Fun Fair, bi-annual book fairs, and Family Bingo Nights are also sponsored by the HPTC.
    On-going communication between staff and parents is the key to making Hilldale School such a special place for students. The Helping Hands program pairs new families with established Hilldale School parents for networking purposes. A “Welcome to Hilldale” meeting with new families fosters community spirit. Parental attendance at Parent Teacher Council meetings provide opportunities for discussion of curriculum topics. The school website includes curriculum notes, helpful hints from the principal, and community announcements. The Hilldale School staff members, students, and parents, who believe that our likenesses unite and our differences enrich, are committed to providing an educational program and facility that maximizes opportunities for learning and meets the changing needs of the school community.
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