Safety is a major concern at Lazar and it is important that we have procedures that ensure every child is accounted for at dismissal. All students that are riding the bus will follow the departure rules that are part of our dismissal plans. Students considered to be walkers (no assigned bus) will follow the procedure listed below. Please have patience and understanding with these guidelines as we want to create the safest, most efficient way to care for your children.


    All students that are designated as “regular walkers” (no bus assigned) will be assembled in the cafeteria upon dismissal. Attendance will be taken and these children will be escorted to Changebridge Road where they will be crossed and dismissed. These students do not require daily dismissal notes. All other students, those assigned a bus but not riding, being picked up at the Recreation Center after school must abide by the rules listed below.

    It is highly recommended that all students entitled to busing ride to and from school on the school bus. At times, it may be necessary for a student to be picked up from school by a parent/guardian. Please adhere to the following procedures if the student is being picked up from school by a parent/guardian:

    • Students must provide a Lazar School Note completed by a parent/guardian to their homeroom teacher the morning of an after school parent pick up. The Lazar School Note is located on the school website (www.montville.net/lms) and at the end of the student handbook and is to be used for ALL dismissals.
    • A Lazar School Note is required for early dismissal or after school pick-up, each time a student is picked up (no exceptions; no faxed notes, no late notes).
    • A separate note is needed for each occurrence of parent pick-up. EXAMPLE: Students who normally ride a bus home but are going to the Recreation Center after school must submit a Lazar School Note to the office, each day in homeroom, or they will be placed on their designated bus home.
    • Cars are not permitted to park or stand in the “Car Lane”.
    • Bus Lanes are utilized for bus traffic only while school is in session and children are present.
    • Students are only permitted to ride their assigned bus – no exceptions.
    • ALL Lazar School Notes must be turned in during homeroom.



    If it is imperative to remove a child from school for a family matter, prior written notification using the Lazar School Note is required.

    Early dismissal is discouraged. However, if it is necessary for a student to leave school early, a parent/guardian must complete a Lazar School Note located on the school website (www.montville.net/lms) and at the end of the handbook

    The Lazar School Note must:

    • be presented when attendance is taken in homeroom
    • give the student’s full name (legibly printed)
    • state the reason for the early dismissal
    • give time of departure
    • indicate name of person picking up and relationship to child (aunt, grandmother, etc.) Identification is required
    • contain signature of parent/guardian


    1. The student is to report to the school’s front lobby desk at their scheduled dismissal time.
    2. The person picking up the student must sign the student out in the early dismissal book provided on the school’s front lobby desk.
    3. State law requires that students must be present for a minimum of four (4) hours of instructional time to accrue credit for a full school day. In order for a student to participate in school evening activities, the student must have received full credit for that day. Students leaving school before 12:30 p.m. will be recorded as absent for the day.
Last Modified on October 4, 2018