Robert R. Lazar Middle School
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For a faster response, please continue to email the teacher directly.
To navigate to certain teachers, please utilize the links on the side of the page which will open a new page for the teacher you requested.  Please remember these sites are used as a tool and students should copy homework in the assignment pads daily for the most accurate information.
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Child Study Team
Mrs. Masanko     CST Secretary ext. 2346
Mrs. Ventricelli   LDTC    ext. 2352 
Mr. Melahn          Social Worker ext. 2348
Mrs. Merkt           Psychologist ext. 2349
Mrs. Mooney       LDTC 973-335-2704
Ms. Tobin-Cook  Psychologist ext. 2351
If you are unable to email a teacher by clicking on the individual teacher, all teacher email addresses are formatted with .