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Here in the Montville Township Public Schools, we are committed to providing the children in our schools a robust and rigorous curriculum that lends itself to varied instructional approaches, which are continuously revised and revisited by informative assessments.  Through differentiation, our teachers can bring the curriculum to every student, regardless of differences in students’ prior knowledge, personal interests, and academic readiness.  We further support our children by providing special education and enrichment support services as required by law and good teaching.  By providing opportunities for teachers to articulate within and among schools across the district, we can only promote better instruction for our children.   


In the last three years, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction has grown in instructional supervisors, online curricular resources, district course offerings, and digital learning opportunities for both students and staff.  Our experienced staff of directors and instructional supervisors work in collaboration with each other and district principals to ensure that our students at every grade level get the best educational experience Montville Township has to offer.


We are proud that we are able to bring in new and/or enhance existing instructional programs each year.  Some highlights for the 2015-2016 school year include a new elementary writing program, Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study in Writing, a grade 4 and 5 STEM class, Spanish classes in grades K through 5, expansion of the MTHS Humanities Research Program, and a new class of Science Research Program students.


These last two programs combined will offer almost half of our high school students the unique experience of a problem-based learning environment, where they can explore their passions in science, English, and social studies.  We are also proud to share that the Montville Township School District has been recognized as a District of Distinction by District Administration magazine for the Humanities Research Program. 


With our Board of Education supporting the purchase of more chromebooks throughout the district, our teachers and students are afforded more opportunities to use these devices in the classroom on a daily basis.  The chromebooks are a useful tool to help students unlock the curriculum and master the standards in new and innovative ways. To help support this ongoing initiative the district has purchased a number of online digital tools over the last several years that align with the standards and curriculum.  Some of these include Big Universe, Learning A-Z, Raz Kids, Imagine Learning, ALEKS, and i-Ready.


Throughout the school year, we will be adding resources and helpful links to the Curriculum and Instruction page, so please visit us periodically for updates.


I look forward to another fabulous school year! 


Best regards,

Andrea L. Woodring

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Montville Township Public Schools

Ext. 2229


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