Montville Township Public Schools

Dear Colleagues,

The Montville Township Public Schools participate in the professional development services of Global Compliance Network (GCN) which makes it convenient for staff members to take several annual state-mandated trainings online.  Please see the list below of mandated trainings for this school year.  Next to the name of each training module is the group of individuals required to complete it.  If your job category is not listed, then you are not required to participate.  Please complete these trainings as soon as possible and no later than January 31, 2017.  If you participated in training in any of the areas listed below at the school level, you are not required to repeat the training. 

1)      Potentially Missing, Abused, or Neglected Children (Child Abuse) (all staff)

2)      Gang Awareness (administrator during first year of employment)

3)      Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights – NJ (all staff)

4)      Suicide Prevention/Awareness (certificated staff 2 hours per 5 years)

5)      Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Awareness - NJ (all teaching staff)

6)      Bloodborne Pathogens (all staff)

7)      Hazard Communications (Right to Know) (custodians, maintenance, nurses, science teachers, and art teachers)

8)      Affirmative Action – NJ (all staff)

9)      Asthma (all teaching staff)

10)     Integrated Pest Management (all staff)

11)     Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Awareness (all staff)  

12)     Reading Disabilities/Dyslexia (general education teachers K-3, special education teachers, basic skills teachers,                                                           ESL teachers, reading specialists, LDTCs, and speech-language specialists) 

When you visit the GCN site, you will notice that there are many more online training modules, some of which may be of interest to you (Food Allergies, Diabetes, Concussions, etc.).  If you participate in any of the other trainings, you may add the time for those trainings to your annual professional development requirement of 20 hours. 

To begin the process, please log on to the GCN site at   You will be asked for our “Organization ID,” which is 64719m (the same for each person).  New members will be asked to create your own ID.  Please remember this ID for future trainings.  Returning members should use the same ID as last year.  Once you have completed a tutorial, it will be registered on a master list available to your principal, and you can print a certification of completion for your records.  There is also a direct link to GCN on our district website under the Human Resources tab. 

You may choose to complete the training modules at school or any place where you have computer access at any time of the day or night.

Feel free to contact June Carle ( should you have any difficulty accessing this site.