• Academic Assistance Program
    At Robert R. Lazar Middle School, the Academic Assistance Program is an opportunity for struggling students to develop skills and knowledge needed to successfully move on from year to year in the areas of Mathematics and Language Arts.  Entry into this program is based upon multiple measures including PARCC scores, i-Ready scores, and teacher recommendation.

    The Academic Assistance Programs at Lazar are known as Math and Language Labs and serve as one avenue used to assist students remediate skills.  The students selected for these classes will receive instruction during the elective classes and will not affect any core academic classes.  The ultimate goal is to improve the skills of all of our students and the extra time utilized during the school day will allow these students to improve on basic knowledge in these curricular areas.

    During the time spent in this program, Lab students will continue to be assessed to determine eligibility for subsequent years and to assist with problem areas.

    Click on the name below to send an email to the specific teacher:
    Ms. Viscardo - Language Lab (Grade 6)
    Mrs. Heim - Language Lab (Grades 7 & 8)
    Mrs. Rollins - Language Lab (Grade 7)
    Mr. Lyons - Math Lab (Grades 6, 7 & 8)
Last Modified on September 17, 2018