Information of Interest to the Community
    As public schools across New Jersey and the country approach another difficult financial year, we, too, are facing one of the toughest economic environments experienced in recent history.  Contractual and mandated costs continue to outpace inflation at the same time that our state aid remains at zero and our community can least afford tax increases.
    Anticipating these challenges, we started the budget development process much earlier than in the past, and involved the community from the very beginning.  On December 7, we held the first of what will be numerous public meetings.  At this meeting we asked community members to share what they value most about our schools and sought input as to how we might reduce costs while maintaining educational excellence. Many of you shared your insights and suggestions, and we listened carefully.
    Throughout the process, we will remain sensitive to your concerns as a taxpayer and to what you value in our schools.  We will work diligently to scrutinize each line of the budget. Without cutting into the core values our community deems essential, and preserving our schools' framework for excellence, we will seek to reduce spending in every area to the extent possible.  We will do our best to maintain the breadth and depth of our academic and extracurricular programs that make Montville so special.
    During our Community Budget Meeting we asked what our community values in our schools, what areas need improvement, and what questions people had about the budget or budget process.  Below please find the information we collected from the meeting.  Please note that we have provided responses to the questions and encourage you to ask additional questions as the budget process continues.
    Please send your questions to:  pdrobish@montville.net