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Montville Township Police Department Opens Work Study Program to Montville Township High School Students

MTPS Superintendent Dr. Thomas Gorman, MTPD Police Chief Andrew Caggiano, MTHS junior Justin Scilingo, MTHS senior Alexssio Lopez, MTPS Supervisors Erica Cerilli-Levine and Tara Monaco, and Kevin Fallon,

Sergeant Scott McGowan and Montville Township Public Schools Educator [MTPS] Kevin Fallon identified a need for students to have additional opportunities to develop work place skills. Working with Jessica Aluotto of Community Personnel Services [CPS], they drafted a prototype proposal for a Work Study Intern program at the Montville Township Police Department [MTPD]. Students who participate in this career exploration opportunity will learn filing, data entry, and organizational skills for the Records Bureau.

CPS offers transition and supported employment services for students at Montville Township High School [MTHS]. CPS ensures that students gain the necessary skills for their post-graduate goals such as employment of secondary education.

The proposal for MTPD to partner with MTHS, MTPS and CPS was approved --- in January of 2020.

“This idea goes back to before the pandemic hit,” said Montville Township Police Department Chief Andrew Caggiano. “We are very excited to welcome the first interns who will be participating in this joint work study program.”

On Tuesday, January 10, 2023, the Work Study initiative finally was able to be implemented. Senior Alexssio Lopez and junior Justin Scilingo are the first Montville Township High School Work Study interns. The two were chosen to launch the inaugural cooperative MTPD, MTHS, MTPS and CPS Work Study assignment.

“This is not only an opportunity for students in the Montville Township community, it is also a wonderful opportunity for our officers,” Caggiano explained. ”The students will be working with us here at the police station for one and a half hours each week. They are assigned to the Records Bureau and will be filing, entering data, shredding, and making copies. They will also help prepare the courtroom for the Tuesday sessions. Working with students in the MTPD and MTHS Work Study Program will allow all of us in the department to develop a better understanding of the needs of the students we will be working with, as well as many other members of our community.”

Montville Township Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Thomas Gorman was at the MTPD station on January 10, to welcome Lopez and Scilingo to their first day on the job.

The MTPD presented official shirts to the students. The shirts are embroidered with the interns’ first names.

“We are excited for our students to have meaningful Work Study programs,” Gorman said. “I understand from Mr. Fallon that the students will also have opportunities to sit in on court room sessions when there is time. This relationship with the Montville Township Police Department is a unique and valuable experience for our students and for all of us.”

In addition to Gorman and Caggiano, Scilingo and Lopez were also greeted on their first day by Montville Township Public Schools Supervisors Erica Cerilli-Levine and Tara Monaco. Also in attendance was Kevin Fallon, the educator who, along with Sergeant Scott McGowan, first proposed this idea in 2020.

MTHS senior Alexssio Lopez, MTPD Sergeant Scott McGowan, and MTHS junior Justin Scilingo.

Later in the day, Sergeant McGowan also was able to return to the MTPD station long enough to speak with the new Work Study Interns.

This initial cooperative MTPD, MTHS, MTPS and CPS Work Study session will continue through June of 2023.

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