Informational Technology Services (ITS)

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Office Location: Montville Township High School; 100 Horseneck Road, Montville, NJ 07045

Phone: 973-331-7100 x2675

Hours of Operation: 7:00AM - 3:00PM

Help Desk Ticketing System:

Welcome to the Information Technology Services web site! To better help you find what you are looking for, below is a summary of the content you will find within each area of our site. Thanks for visiting!

Faculty: Don't forget that to see certain content you must first sign in to the site!

About Us
This page contains information about the equipment and software that the department supports as well as an introduction to the department's staff members.
Tech 101
This area contains basic information that every user should know whether you are a faculty member or a student. You will find things such as how to logon to a computer or your e-mail, how to change your passwords, and more. If you are new to the district this is a great place to start!
In this area you will find all kinds of training resources including step-by-step printable directions and videos made by our staff as wells as links to training content from our partners.
Policies / Procedures
Here you will find documentation on various policies and procedures for everything from computer inactivity to how to submit a grant request.
Employee Discounts
This area is only visible to employees of the district. It contains information on how to receive discounts from our partners on everything from computer and software purchases to monthly cell phone bills.