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    Montville Township Board Meetings will be held virtually until further notice.  No public in attendance at meetings.  Meetings may be viewed at www.montville.net/boemeetinglive.

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PTA General Orders

Last Updated: 9/10/2019 1:09 PM

General Orders Shopping is Here!!

Please read this notice carefully and in its entirety – it contains a lot of necessary information for our General Ordering System.

HERE IS A LISTING OF ALL OF THE ITEMS THAT YOU CAN PURCHASE THROUGH OUR GENERAL ORDERING SYSTEM – Please pay careful attention to deadline dates and please read each item as you place your order so that you do not miss anything. You may certainly place more than one order.

Please click here for directions on how to set up your new account!!  

1.    PTA Membership - Membership dues are $15 (1 per family), with your membership, you will be granted access to Woodmont's Online Student Directory (MySchoolAnywhere), we are on Facebook as a private/closed group "Woodmont PTA Members" and we are on Instagram, follow us "PTA_Wildcats" (access granted after PTA membership is verified).

Your payment of dues supports the PTA’s efforts during the school year to the benefit of all of Woodmont’s students and in no way obligates you to work on any committee or activity unless you choose to. Please help us reach our goal of 100% membership. One Membership per family.

2. HOT LUNCH - The first cycle of hot lunch is open and ready for orders. This cycle of hot lunch runs from September 16th through the November 3rd. The cycle will only be open between NOW and September 11th. We CANNOT accept late orders. 

Please click here for directions on how to ORDER!

3.    ICE CREAM COUPONS – Purchase your Ice Cream Coupons for Ice Cream Wednesday's. You can purchase 10 coupons for $10.00, 20 coupons for $20.00, 30 coupons for $30.00 and 40 coupons for $40.00. Your Ice Cream Coupons will be delivered to you via backpack mail. Any questions please email Jamie Singer.

If you would like to volunteer and help serve Ice Cream please email Jamie Singer @jamiesinger81@gmail.com. To purchase ice cream coupons please go to https://woodmont.ahotlunch.com/login.