PTA Executive Board

Last Updated: 9/4/2022 12:26 AM

Woodmont Executive Board PTA

Woodmont PTA's 2022-2023 Executive Board


President - Katie Freda 

Executive VP - Marilyn Kehayes 

1st VP - Samia Pendleton

2nd VP - Sarah Kulik 

Corresponding Secretary- Angela Sontz 

Recording Secretary - Victoria Finlinson 

Treasurer - Adriana Motisi 


 To contact us please email or call us at: and (862) 210-9620


Executive Board Positions:

The Woodmont PTA Executive Board is made up of seven (7) officer positions:

President, Executive VP, 1st VP, 2nd VP, Treasurer, Corresponding and Recording Secretary.


The Executive Board meets once a month to go over old and new business before the monthly PTA meetings.

The Board will also meet two times in the summer to go over business before the new school year begins.

The Executive Board Members are expected to be present at all monthly General Meetings held at school.


Executive VP 

This officer will stand in for the President if that person cannot make it to the PTA meetings.

The Executive VP will conduct the meeting in the President’s absence. The Executive VP also accompanies the President to attend the monthly President Council Meetings. These meetings are held every third Thursday of the month at the Board of Ed, these meetings are with the other PTA Presidents from the other schools and the Superintendent.


2nd VP

This officer stands in fo and conducts the PTA meeting in the event the President, Executive VP and the 1stVP are all unable to attend the meeting.



This officer assuring all PTA funds are promptly deposited into one or more bank accounts where PTA funds are maintained separately from funds of any other organization. The Treasurer maintains a detailed account of all funds received and all funds disbursed.

The Treasurer conducts all authorized financial obligations of the PTA, including:

  • Dues to the council and the State PTA, in a timely manner;
  • Preparing and filing the appropriate federal tax forms (990N, 990EZ or 990) in a timely manner;
  • Preserving all receipts, invoices, bank statements, canceled checks, and other financial records as specified in the records retention timetable;
  • Submitting a detailed, written monthly financial report at each meeting of the PTA membership and each meeting of the board of directors;
  • Submitting written reports by mail or email to the board during months when no meetings are held;
  • Developing and presenting, with support of the budget committee, the budget for the following year;
  • Submitting a final annual report prior to the end of the fiscal year
  • Prior to delivering the books to the successor treasurer, submitting the current year’s records to an internal audit committee.


Corresponding Secretary 

This officer is responsible for purchasing gifts for the staff at Woodmont for the holidays and special occasions on behalf of Woodmont PTA and its members.

The Corresponding Secretary is responsible for collecting and presenting any thank you cards that are given to the PTA.


Recording Secretary

This officer is responsible for taking accurate notes of all PTA and Board Meetings, presenting the meeting minutes at PTA meetings and maintaining a current record of attendance. The Recording Secretary keeps a record of all PTA members in good-standing and conducts membership drives at the start of the school year.