Board of Ed Reviewed Facility Renovations

Plans to replace the windows, and enclose the metal work in watertight resurfacing, at Cedar Hill, William Mason and Woodmont are underway.

Facility improvements continue in Montville Township Public Schools. Business Administrator Katine Slunt presented an update of summer facilities projects to the Montville Township Board of Education on Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

The Montville Township High School state-of-the-art track and field project is fully completed. Part of that renovation included improved drainage, which helps to protect the integrity of the track. Additionally, surfaces installed on the track and field are designed for increased safety.

MTHS state-of-the-art track and field renovation is complete.

The field was also branded with the district’s official MTHS Mustang logos and lettering.

A June to September initiative, the track and field project was nearly completed before the first day of school 2022. All fall MTHS Mustangs teams have used the stadium since the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

“Certainly it is exciting to have the football team and all the different sports being played on the field, so I definitely welcome anyone to come and see the games,” Slunt said.

Improvements at Robert R. Lazar Middle School included painting the façade of the building and implementing the school’s green and white colors on the trim around the exterior windows. Local law enforcement also suggested an access-control vestibule as a security update to the building.


Lazar vestibule and facade are part of the district's renovation and repair initiatives for 2022.

The new Lazar vestibule will be completed once the exterior glass is delivered. Supply chain issues have delayed the delivery, but once the glass is installed, the school’s branding will also be added to the exterior of the building.

The entrance at Valley View Elementary School is also being updated. A new access ramp was installed, and two outdoor classroom areas were added. The majority of the Valley View entrance work is complete but the final signage and soffit materials are also delayed. Once delivered, the school’s logo will be installed.

Valley View Elementary School's new  access ramp was installed, and two outdoor classroom areas were added during the district's 2022 renovations.

Valley View’s aging unit ventilators are also being replaced. During that process, the unit ventilators will also replace the ductless split units. The removal of the split units will improve the exterior of the building.

Valley View and Hilldale Elementary School also received renovated parking lot areas over the summer.

Currently renovations are taking place on the district’s three “sister schools.”

Cedar Hill, William Mason and Woodmont Elementary Schools all have the exact same architectural plan,” Slunt noted. “In all cases the gym windows are very energy inefficient, and the external metal work, that encloses the gym, is beginning to deteriorate.”

Plans to replace the windows, and enclose the metal work in watertight resurfacing, are underway.

“The project is running behind, due to worker shortages,” Slunt explained. “But Cedar Hill will be followed by Woodmont and then William Mason.”

The Cedar Hill project was completed in late September, and the school’s branded logo has been added to the façade of the building.

Woodmont is currently under construction, and William Mason will begin construction following the completion of Woodmont.

When finished, all three of the “sister school” elementary schools will have their school logos affixed to the front of the building on the exterior of the gymnasium wall.

Through the use of consistent signage and logos, the renovations will also unite as one brand the seven schools that comprise the Montville Township Public Schools.

Despite delays in supply chain and worker shortages, the district has continued to move the renovation and construction projects forward without impact on instruction.

The district’s 2022 summer projects are part of the overall 5-year facilities improvement plan for Montville Township Public Schools.

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