Treasurer Forms

Last Updated: 10/4/2019 3:40 PM



Home & School members should use the below forms when submitting requests for checks, presenting funds to be deposited, or requesting cash funds.

Check Request Form
Any member who needs to be reimbursed for an expense for an approved activity must print the check request form and submit it to the treasurer.  The form must have all supporting receipts attached and be signed by the appropriate committee head before submitting to the treasurer for reimbursement. Please allow one week for the reimbursement check to be returned to you.  Forms can be sent through the backpack to Carolyn Wortman c/o Drew Wortman  Teacher: Brennan.

Deposit Form
Any member who needs to deposit money from an activity or fundraiser should print the deposit form and submit it to the treasurer. Please complete the form with all monies COUNTED and ORGANIZED.  Please specify the appropriate committee, event, fundraiser, etc. where the funds are from. Coins do not need to be rolled; however they must be counted.  The deposit form and monies can be delivered directly to Carolyn Wortman at her home address. You can contact Carolyn to arrange for a mutually convenient time and place to drop off the monies.  Carolyn's contact information is listed in Membership Toolkit. Please note: the front office cannot hold funds for Home & School.

Please note that a separate Deposit Form and Check Request Form should be complete for each category.  We are no longer accepting combined requests on one form. (For example, you may not combine a deposit/check request for Hot Lunch and Hospitality.)

Funds Request Form
If you need cash for an event (for example, small bills and coins to make change for Book Fair), please fill out the Funds Request Form and send it to Carolyn.  These requests should be made at least one week in advance of the event.

If you have any questions with regard to completing the forms, please reach out to Carolyn Wortman


Deposit Form          Check Request Form        Funds Request Form