School Information

Last Updated: 9/9/2022 6:24 PM

·         Visitors — It is a violation of New Jersey Law to loiter in a school building. When visiting William Mason, please use the main entrance only. After being buzzed into the building, please go directly to the main office to identify yourself and speak to one of the secretaries. If the visit was not previously arranged or approved, the secretaries will assist you. If the visit was previously arranged and pre-approved by the teacher, you will be asked to:

•         Sign your name and the time of arrival in the Visitors' Log

•         Complete and wear a visitor's badge/nametag

•         Proceed to your destination

•         Return to the main office at the conclusion of your visit to sign out

       in the Visitors' Log

•         Proceed out of the school through the main entrance.


Visitors are not to report to any other destination other than the originally arranged/approved location.


·         Leaving School Early — If you need to take your child home due to illness or a family emergency please sign your child out to be released to you through the main office only. Please do not call the school in anticipation of your appointment.  When you arrive at school, please report directly to the main office where one of the school secretaries will call to the classroom for your child to come to the main office with his/her belongings. 

·         Notes It is imperative that a note be written any time a change in your child's schedule takes place. All notes must be dated and submitted through your child to the classroom teacher at the beginning of the day. If a note is not submitted, your child's normal routine will be followed.           

·         Absences- When your child is absent from school, a call must be made to the school nurse at 973-331-7100 x1615. Please call and leave a message as soon as you know your child will not be in attendance. E-mails are also accepted by Mrs. Wigley at School begins promptly at 8:10AM and students are considered late when arriving after this time. 

·         Tardies - Attendance in the classroom is taken promptly at 8:10AM.  If your child is not in the classroom by 8:10AM he/she is considered late and will need to be signed in with the attendance secretary in the main office.  This requires a parent or guardian to accompany the child into the building when he/she is late.  If your child is not signed in, it is possible that the records will not be changed and an absence will be recorded.  

·         Bus behavior- Riding on the school bus is an extension of the school day. As such, it is extremely important that students: listen to the bus driver, are respectful of other students, practice safety, and use common sense as they do in your vehicles. Please speak to your child prior to the first day of school about riding on the bus. Please let your child know that if there is any concern, he or she should notify the bus driver.

·          Forgotten items Sometimes your child may forget an assignment, lunch, book, musical instrument, etc.  If it is deemed necessary that your child call home, we will help them through this process. If you bring an item to school, please drop it off directly in the bin located by the main school doors. Please make sure the item is labeled with the name of your child along with the name of the classroom teacher.  Please make every effort to send your child to school with all their necessary items for the day. 

Please help us to ensure a safe and secure environment for your children and the staff.