Last Updated: 1/17/2020 6:55 PM

Home & School Committees are made up of volunteers who focus on one program or activity. The committee chairs and the Executive Board work together to decide what each committee should accomplish. Teams of volunteers are needed to keep all the programs and services working smoothly. We rely on new members and their ideas to keep the HSA flourishing.  Some of the committee work can be done at home and some require only limited time at school. You can help by volunteering at any time during the school year. Many parents volunteer for multiple committees.

Please contact Vincent Wolleon if you have any questions and are interested in overseeing a committee or the individuals below if you would like to help out.

After School Enrichment (Jenifer Herdin)
Coordinates various after school programs for students to participate in at WM.  [Volunteers needed to arrange different vendors, collect paperwork and insurance, and problem solve.}

Art to  Remember (Stephanie Rhodes)
Works with Mrs. Navarra (Art teacher) and the children to create beautiful pieces of art that can be converted into the keepsake of the parent’s choosing.   

Book Fair (Sue Hickey & Cara Cunha)
Plans and organizes the Book Fair which is a bi-annual fundraiser through Scholastic.

Bulletin Board: (Melissa Matarazzo)
Manages the Bulletin Board in the main hallway where students can see upcoming school events and those run by the HSA.

Charity Mania Fundraiser (Open)
Organizes and promotes annual March Madness Fundraiser.

Class Parent Coordinator (Shari Schwartz)
Selects class parents from the volunteers for each class (K-4) to work with teachers to organize class parties and field trips.  

Cultural Arts (Felicia Milleli- Looking for 21/22)
Chooses and schedules Cultural Arts programs presented during school hours that cover a variety of topics, such as science, art, music, literature, theater, and character education.              

Girls Choice/Boys Choice School Dance (Nicole McDonough - Girls, Lori Allen - Boys)
Organizes a dance at the school for girls and a boys. Please note there are two separate dances, a girl's choice and a boy's choice.   

Exterior Decorating (Kathleen Domingues)
Sources, places and maintains seasonal decorations outside William Mason

Family Bingo Night (Shari Schwartz, Tara Evans)
Join other William Mason families for a fun and slightly competitive night of Bingo. Prizes to take home include free homework passes, lunch with Mr. Melucci and so much more! 

Family Bowling (Alessandra Milazzo)
Organizes a day of Family Bowling at Boonton Lanes each Spring

Family Night (Jenn Tilton & Lisa Calamari)
Organize and host an evening open house, where kids can show off their school and their work to their families and friends.    

Fifth Grade Committee (Brooke Failla, Hanna Freidman, Jessica Auerbach, Angela Ervey)
Coordinates Fifth Grade parties, activities, and End-of-Year events.          

Flyer Creation (Rebecca Guardino)
Creates flyers for committe chairpersons that are engaging for students and informative for parents.

Hot Lunch (Sylvianne Mulholland) 
Oversees Hot Lunch fundraising program for school including working with vendors, coordinating volunteers and stocking supplies needed.    

Kindergarten Ambassador (Meghan Leonard) 
Assists families that are new to William Mason by answering questions about events and procedures at the school.

Mabel’s Labels (Stephanie Rhodes)
Manages the ongoing online fundraiser and answering parent questions.

Membership Toolkit & Montville.Net (Stacey Barlow DelGizzi)
Manages content on both sites and oversees schoolwide communication for the HSA.

Mother’s Day Flower Sale (Felicia Milelli - Looking for 21/22 )
Organizes the ordering, sales and distribution of plants to students.

Painless Fundraising (Rebecca Guardino) 
Oversees Box Tops, Shoparoo, Campbell’s Soup Labels, Coke Rewards, Staples Toner Recycling and Dine to Donate.  Organize school participation in various programs which redeem cash-for-trash towards school gifts and equipment.  Volunteers collect items from WM and submit to the various organizations as well as report status and encourage participation     

Parent Volunteer Day (Position Open)
Coordinates the events for our yearly "Parent Work Day" at school in the Fall & Spring. 

Publishing Center (Diana Begonja)
Organizes, types, and binds students’ stories and poems into hardcover keepsake books. The Publishing Center is referred to as the “Mason Jar Press” which turns students into published authors. Volunteers are needed for at-home work of cutting fabric, ironing covers, and assembling books.

School Pictures (Nicole Mauceri)
Collects orders and monies for the individual and class pictures taken annually by a professional photographer. Volunteers needed for original and make-up dates in November.

Spirit Wear (Kristen Stambuli)
Designs, orders and sells William Mason clothing.  

Spirit Gear (Open)
Generates ideas, designs, orders and sells William Mason items (tattoos, pencils, wristbands...etc)

STEAM Supplies (Lisa Wolleon)
Collects and ensures adequate supplies in the new STEAM supply bins (cotton balls, rubber bands, craft sticks, tape etc) that are accessed by all teachers.  Acts as a liaison between teachers and school community to collect new/additional items when the need arises.

Talent Show (Felicia Milelli- Looking for 21/22)
Organizes the annual Spring event at Lazar by advertising for acts, creating a lineup and acting as MoC during the event.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon (Open)
Coordinates a luncheon that shows appreciation for the Faculty’s efforts throughout the year.                                

Teacher Appreciation Week (Hanna Jinks)
Coordinates thank you card sales for students and plans special events for each day of the week.  

TREP$ (Claire Choi, Rosemary Chang)
TREP$ is a program that the 5th graders at William Mason participate in. They attend an afterschool program and create products that they then sell at the William Mason Marketplace in the spring.

Turkey Trot (Shari Schwartz)
Manages the annual tradition of a kids fun run leading up to Thanksgiving.

Volunteer Liaison (Cynthia Batta -Looking for 21/22)
Creates Signup Genius Events and contacts parents for volunteering to allow chairpersons to focus on their events.     100% online position, can be done during the evening.    

Wellness (Felicia Milelli + Bret Hartman)
Coordinates health, wellness and fitness activities and programs within the school.

Yearbook (Wanda Vena, Jessica Edelstein)
Captures, gathers, and assembles pictures and information for the yearbook. Takes orders and collects funds. Volunteers needed to take pictures at events throughout the year and to help gather pictures from class parents and put together Yearbook in March-April.