Hot Lunch Inforamtion

Last Updated: 8/26/2022 4:11 PM


We are happy to bring back our hot lunch offerings via local restaurants! The menu is now available on our new software allowing you to sign up and order lunches.

Please log in at and sign up for an account so you can order lunch for your children throughout the upcoming school year. After you activate your account, you will need a school code to add your children. Your school code for the new software is 163.

Once registered you can use’s iOS App from, the domain you need to enter is valleyview. Please be sure to check out the desktop website for your initial ordering so you can see the full descriptions of the food options.

Once logged in, if you have any questions or need assistance, click on the Software Support option on the bottom left of your navigation panel. You can also reach out to with menu specific questions.

Ordering will be available from the 15th-22nd of each month. This will allow you to order for the following month. All orders must be submitted and paid for by 6:00 on the 22nd of each month. September ordering will be open until 6:00 on August 30.

It is important for your children to print their lunch cards and bring their tickets to school each day. To print lunch cards - Click on Lunch Card in the left hand column, select your student, make sure dates are inclusive of the entire month you are printing.

We thank you for your help in getting this implemented and look forward to assisting you in any of your needs.