Nurse's Office

Welcome to Cedar Hill's 
Nurse's Station
Healthy Children
Nurse's Office Hours:  Best time 9-11 AM or 2-3 PM
School Nurse Phone # 973-331-7100 Ext 1010
Attendance Mailbox Ext: 1011
School Nurse Email:
Please include a subject for all e-mails.
The students are taught the Nurse's ABC's, which stands for
General Information:
Please feel free to contact Nurse DiCola. You may also e-mail Nurse DiCola at
I check my e-mails frequently throughout the day. The best time to contact me is 9-11 AM and 2-3 PM.
Helpful Attendance Tips:
Please call the school by 9 AM if your child will be absent or tardy. Attendance phone  # 973-331-7100 ext. 1011
Kindergarden Registration:
  • Please bring your immunization record, birth certificate, and proof of residency.
  • Kindergarten screening occurs in the Spring. Please check the Montville School web-site for more information.
  • For late registration, please call the Main Office @ 973-331-7100 Ext 1002.
Food Allergies
  • We have over numerous children with severe food allergies.  ALL CLASSROOMS will be peanut and nut free.  Children are allowed to have peanuts and nuts in the LUNCH ROOM. 
  • Children will be allowed peanuts and nuts in the Lunch Room.  All children will wash their hands prior to eating lunch.  Children who have peanut products will wash their hands after lunch, also. 
  • If your child has peanut butter for breakfast please have them wash their hands prior to coming to school.
  • In recent years there has been an alarming increase in the amount of severe allergies.  Some allergies are so severe that if a child is exposed to the allergen it can become a life or death situation. There are eight foods that account for 90% of all allergic reactions.  They are wheat, soy, milk, eggs, shell fish, fish, tree nuts, and peanuts. We also have a children allergic to red dye and to garlic.   Many of these allergens are life-threatening, so avoidance is the best policy.
  • Please remind your child not to share food with classmates.  By decreasing exposure to these food allergens,  these students will be much safer in our school.
  • Please visit and shaping NJ for valuable health information.
Cough Drop Policy
The School Nurse is allowed to administer cough drops as per direction of the package label or as directed by the parents.  Cough drops may be administered as long as there are no contraindications and informed consent is obtained.  Cough drops MUST be provided by the student and accompanied by note from a parent or legal guardian.  ALL COUGH DROPS WILL BE KEPT IN THE NURSE'S OFFICE. 
Fifth Grade 
  • Fifth Grade Family Life Class were taught Tuesday Nov. 8, 2016.     
  • Fifth Grade Scoliosis Screenings for 2017/2018 TBS. 
  • Fifth Grade Parent Family Life Workshop TBS  No siblings allowed.  
  • **There are New Vaccines required for students entering the sixth grade.  TDAP and Meningococcal.  These vaccines must be given after their 11th birthday!
  • All 11 year old Students MUST  have these immunizations before entering 6th grade!

Children and staff are encouraged to wash their hands frequently , use wipes, or gel especially prior to eating, using the computer, art claass, music classes and after eating peanut/nut products.  

Kindergarten Orientation 
TBD in the Spring.

Tick Alert 

Remember ticks may be found during every season. Children are taught to check themselves for ticks every night before they put their pj's on. For more information:

Bus Drills 
  • School wide Bus Drills completed Sept. 27, 2019.  
  • Spring Bus Drills completed May 24, 2019.
Medication Policy 
  • All medicine including over the counter medications need a MD note, parent note, and the medication to be in the original container. 
  • Cough drops must be accompanied by a parent note and kept in the Nurse's Office.   
  • Screenings will be done throughout the school year. I check Ht., Wt., B/P, vision, and hearing on all students. Color vision is checked in grade 2. No news is good news. Any questions, please e-mail me.
Health Teaching
  • Fourth and Fifth Graders, in small groups will be learning conscious choking on an infant, child,  and on "Choking Charlie." For more information:
  • Fourth Grade and Fifth grade students will have a Health Class about hygiene- including the use of antiperspirants.  Fifth Graders will also be  taught about scoliosis screenings, and the need for 6th grade immunizations.