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Hot Lunch and Ice Cream

Last Updated: 11/9/2019 2:08 PM


For those families who are new to Cedar Hill or just want to better understand Hot Lunch for 2019-2020, here is a brief synopsis of our program.

·        Cedar Hill, like the other 4 elementary schools in Montville Township, does not possess traditional cafeteria services in our lunchrooms.   Therefore, the Home & School organizes and serves Hot Lunch to the Kindergarten through 5th Grade classes.

.       As previously announced, lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will now be offered through Pomptonian Food Service. You can now order lunch for November on the following website.

 See the attached Parent Letter for all the information on the new food service.

 See the attached Menu and descriptions to see the offerings for November.

 Any questions regarding the new lunch program please contact Kelly Taukus

  As a reminder, pizza from Anthony Francos will continue on Wednesdays as usual.

·        We use the myFoodDays online ordering system to provide convenience for our Pizza Lunch Wednesdays.  Pizza lunch will be provided by Anthony Franco’s on Wednesday.  The following link can be used to access the MyFoodDays system (or you can go to www.myfooddays.com and sign-in):  https://secure.myFoodDays.com/Home.aspx?prefschool=4feee7f86c84c00674e2949


.     **New families should create an account on this system and returning families must update their child(ren)’s teacher information before placing an order.


·        After September/October, orders will be placed on a monthly basis for myFoodDays.

·        You are welcome to sign your child up for the September - October Hot Lunch cycle starting on Monday, September 23, when using myFoodDays.  Our first day of Hot Lunch will be on Monday, September 23 and orders must be placed by Monday, September 17. No orders will be accepted after September 16. Any orders not received and paid for by this date will be cancelled.

·        You will have the ability to order all future months on the 1st - 15th of the prior month (i.e. November ordering cycle will open October 1st and run until October 15th). Note: Once an order is placed and paid for, it cannot be changed.  All orders are final.

·        Wednesday Pizza lunch will include one slice of pizza, choice of water or 100% juice, and a snack for $3.60.  You can order a second slice of pizza for $1.00 additional.  Tickets are required for Wednesday Pizza.

·        After all payments are received, the Hot Lunch Coordinator will generate a report which will send e-mails to parents.  You will receive an email for each child with a .pdf attached that contains your child’s pizza lunch tickets and instructions to print them.  Please save this email until end of lunch cycle as it is not possible to re-send.

·        Contact Tejal Bhatt (tejalbhatt0704@gmail.com),  with questions about hot lunch ordered from the Diner or Anthony Francos. Please adhere to all lunch ordering deadlines. You may choose to send your child with lunch from home, or a combination of ordered and home lunch.  Please do not contact the school office. They cannot help you with Hot Lunch.

·        NOTE:  In the event that school is closed on a day when hot lunch was supposed to be served (i.e. for a snow day), then a 50% credit will be issued to all those who ordered on that day for the next lunch cycle (for Monday andTuesday). A full credit will be issued for Wednesday pizza lunch. Please note that all lunch credits must be used within the current school year. All credits remaining at the end of a school year will be removed from the system.

·        For step by step instructions on using the myFoodDays system, please go to the Cedar Hill Web Site, click the HSA and then Hot Lunch & Ice Cream under the Home & School header.  You will see myFoodDays Information.