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The Write Eye Club

Advisor           Suezette Given         

Club Meetings

We meet on Thursdays in room 53,

      after school (3:20)

All students are welcome!     

Hope to see you at a meeting! 


Club Description

The Write Eye is an annual student produced magazine featuring short stories, essays, poems, creative writing pieces and other works written by Lazar students.

We also accept art work such as paintings, photos, sculptures, sketches and other creative visual pieces.

The pieces are submitted* by the student themselves for review by The Write Eye staff. At meetings, The Write Eye staff discuss and vote on each piece to be published in the magazine. The magazine is produced and published by Lazar students. 

* written submissions must be typed, art submissions should be a photo of the original work, and all work must have a name (no work is published anonymously) 


Submissions can be sent in an email to: