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Student Resources

Last Updated: 2/4/2020 2:48 PM

Senior Activities and Privileges

Senior Parking
Senior students who demonstrate sound academic and behavioral standards may apply for a parking permit.  A large portion of the front lot, as well as the cutout along Horseneck Road, is reserved for senior students.  Seniors who are interested in parking on campus should review and complete the appropriate forms with their parents.  Senior parking is determined through a lottery; completed forms should be submitted in the Rotunda by the Main Office on August 19-20, 2019 from 8:00 a.m. to noon.  The drawing will take place on the afternoon of August 21; winning lottery numbers (including spot number) will be posted to this page by the afternoon.  Beginning on August 26, students may stop by campus between 8:00 a.m. and noon to pick up their parking permit.  Please remember that all paperwork must be complete and all documentation must be valid in order to receive your permit.  In addition, a check made payable to the Montville Township Board of Education for $10 must be written and submitted on the same day that the permit is received.

Letter to Parents Regarding Senior Parking

Parking Rules and Application

2019-2020 Senior Parking Lottery Results


Senior Sign-In and Sign Out

Senior students who have a study hall during periods 1, 2, 3, or 4 may apply for senior sign-in privileges.  Senior students who have a study hall during periods 5, 6, 7, or 8 may apply for senior sign-out privileges.  This privilege enables seniors to arrive late to school or leave early on the days they have study hall during the first or last block of the day.  Students who are interested in sign-in or sign-out privileges should review and complete the appropriate forms with their parents.    

Senior Sign-In Letter

Senior Sign-In Application

Senior Sign-Out Letter

Senior Sign-Out Application


Yearbook Information

Senior Class Photo
The senior class photo is traditionally taken the first day of school to capture the entire group together at the very beginning of their final year at MTHS.  The color photo appears in the Senior Section of our yearbook, Traces. Normal and appropriate attire is required for this photograph. Students who are not in compliance with our school dress code will not be allowed to sit for the photo.
Senior Portraits
Each year, our school photographer sets appointments for students to sit for senior portraits.  Appointments/sitting times are set during the spring of their eleventh grade school year.  Packages are available for purchase by students and their families.  Senior portraits taken by the school photographer will appear in Traces.
Senior Portrait and Quote
Every senior is provided with a space in the designated section of the yearbook for inclusion of their name, portrait, and quote.  Encrypted messages or those with double meanings will not be tolerated.  Senior quotes which are not in good taste will be removed from the publication without notification to students or their family.  Parents/guardians are urged to review senior quotes with their child prior to submission to the yearbook staff.
Important Events for Seniors
Senior Banquet (December 6, 2019)

Unlike Prom, tickets to the Banquet are not sold as "bids" to couples.  Single tickets are sold to any student wishing to attend.  Student attire is semi-formal; males are expected to wear a shirt/tie and females are expected to wear a dress. This event is not formal; tuxedos and gowns are inappropriate for the Banquet.  Students are required to use school transportation to and from this event and may not utilize personal or private transportation. Students may not bring guests from other grade levels or outside of MTHS.  Seniors will assemble at MTHS an hour and a half prior to the event and are transported via school bus to the Banquet.  Afterwards, students are transported back to the school.

Senior Breakfast (May 22, 2020)

All students wishing to attend the Senior Breakfast must purchase a ticket through their class officers or class advisors.  The cost of a ticket is determined based on several factors and will be announced closer to the date of the event.  

Senior Prom (May 28, 2020)

All attending students must purchase a “Prom Bid” through their class officers or class advisor.  Students are permitted to invite a guest from another grade level or school.  However, these guests must register with the class advisor and building administration. Students who bring guests from other schools must also complete a permission form for their guest. The cost of a Prom Bid is determined by the administration and class advisor based on the price per person as set by the outside venue with consideration of decorating and entertainment expenses, and available class funds.

Senior Dessert Feast (June 11, 2020 @ MTHS)
The event is sponsored by the Parent Teacher Council and Drug Awareness Council. The Dessert Feast is held in the MTHS cafeteria during a morning class period in the weeks preceding graduation.  Arrays of desserts are provided by the PTC.  Representatives from the DAC are present to discuss Project Graduation with the class.  Students may purchase tickets for Project Graduation at this time.
Senior Awards Ceremony (June 11, 2020 @ MTHS) 

This event is held to honor the various achievement and success of our Senior students.  Throughout the year, information on scholarships can be found through Naviance.  Students who have been selected as winners for local scholarships or MTHS awards will be recognized at this ceremony.    

Senior Sports Banquet (TBA)

The Senior Sports Banquet is an evening for senior athletes and their parents/guardians. This event will recognize each student athlete that attends and there will be a program handed out with each athlete's accomplishments.  In addition, the coaches selection for male and female Athlete of the Year are recognized.  Dinner will be served at the event; invitations will be mailed to each senior athlete in the Spring.

Senior Picnic (June 16, 2020 @ Montville Township Rec.) 
At the Senior Picnic, students will receive their yearbooks and caps and gowns. These items must be paid for in advance of this event through the yearbook advisors (yearbook) and class advisor (cap and gown). School attendance is mandatory on the day of the Picnic.
Graduation Rehearsal (June 23, 2020 @ MTHS) 
Graduation rehearsal begins promptly at 8:30 a.m. with a brief meeting in the Auditorium for important information and instructions.  Afterwards boys and girls will go to their 'check-in' areas so we can begin rehearing the procession.  Once on the field (or in the case of inclement weather, the gym), we will preview the ceremony and call all students names to check for accuracy.  At the end of the rehearsal, students will be issued their graduation tickets.  Rehearsal will end when MTHS Administration releases the seniors.
Commencement (June 23, 2020 @ MTHS) 

Commencement exercises are held on the evening of the final day of school. Students who have completed all requirements for graduation and are receiving a diploma may participate in this event. Students who wish to participate are required to attend graduation ceremony practices.  Graduation is held on the Football Field where there is adequate seating available for all family members.  In the event of inclement weather, commencement exercises are held in the MTHS Gymnasium where tickets will be limited. 


Project Graduation (June 23, 2020 @ TBA)

Project Graduation is an event sponsored by the Montville Township Committee's Drug Awareness Council. Students can register and purchase a T-shirt for the event right up until the time the bus departs for the event on the evening of June 20. Students meet in the MTHS cafeteria shortly after graduation and are transported to and from the event on school buses.  Project Graduation runs until approximately 4:00 AM. 




*These are annual events and only open to seniors unless indicated otherwise.  All rules established in the MTHS Code of Conduct and by the Board of Education will apply at each function.  Disciplinary action will be taken if any student violates these policies.   

Voter Registration - 2019 New Jersey Citizen's Guide to Government

Student Drivers - Graduated Driver's License (GDL) Requirements

GDL Requirements

MTHS is working in conjunction with the Montville Township Police to ensure the safety of our young drivers. We are asking that all parents please reinforce the importance of adhering to the requirements of the Graduated Driver License (GDL). Members of the local police may begin to monitor student drivers coming to and leaving school to ensure compliance. Here are a few helpful links to the Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) that can provide you with some information.

GDL Definitions
16 Year-Old Drivers
17-20 Year-Old Drivers