Supporting Children Who Are Struggling with Motivation during Virtual Learning

Last Updated: 12/17/2020 1:50 PM


 Supporting Children Who Are Struggling with Motivation during Virtual Learning:

Information for Parents and Guardians

The onset of the pandemic has affected so many dimensions of life. The unpredictability of the world, the disappointment of missed traditions and opportunities, the inability to celebrate milestones, and the overall isolation of this period of time has created many challenges for parents and guardians and for our children. 

It is not surprising, then, to see that some students are struggling with motivation, especially as it pertains to virtual learning. Many parents find themselves struggling to help their children to find motivation, as well. Oftentimes, the most obvious evidence of low motivation in students is low grades. The result of this dynamic can be frustration all around.

Below are some resources geared towards giving parents and guardians information and guidance towards helping their children with motivation, as well as discussing low grades with their children in the most constructive way possible.

As always, please remember that School Counselors, Student Assistance Counselors, and Case Managers are always here to help.


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