School Counseling - College Visits

Last Updated: 6/12/2020 1:02 PM


From September until November Juniors and Seniors will have the opportunity to sit with college admissions representatives from various schools. The purpose of these informal visits is for students to learn about the respective college or university that's visiting with us that day. 

In order to attend one of these visits, you must sign up through Naviance and then get a pass from your counselor. Your counselor and your teacher must sign your pass for you to be excused from class that day. While there is not a formal limit on the number of schools you can visit with, your counselor or teacher can deny your visit at their discretion so be selective in your choices. 

Please refer to the College Visit Schedule in Naviance to find out who is visiting and sign up! 

  1. Log into your Naviance Account (if you need your login information, please see your team secretary or guidance counselor).
  2. Click on the Colleges Tab.
  3. Click on “view all upcoming college visits”
  4. Sign Up for college visits


We recently started using Repvisits to schedule college visits. We are excited to share with you that our 2017/2018 calendar for individual visits and college fairs are now public.  If you are using, we invite you to sign up directly through that website by searching for Montville Township High School.

If you are not using Repvisits you can still make appointments through our school counseling administrative assistant, Erma Pietrucha, by e-mailing