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    Have a great summer Valley View.  To all our exiting 5th graders, we wish you the best of luck next year in your new school.  We will miss you.  To all our new students coming in the Fall, welcome to the Valley View family.  Click the video above for a cute news message!
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  • artwork Please read a beautiful letter from the students to Mr. Tronio, who is retiring this school year.  We will miss you Mr. Tronio, thank you 40 years of service to Valley View Elementary School!  You have inspired thousands over the years.  Click here to read the touching letter from the students.
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  • aces Check out a nice story about our school participating in Project ACES from North  In May, Valley View students exercised simultaneously with millions of children all over the world.  ACES takes place the first Wednesday in May to promote national physical education week.  Click here to read the article.
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  •  ines
    Valley View second grader Ines Lemee performed two piano pieces at Carnegie Hall on June 5th. Above is a beautiful picture of her during her performance. What an amazing accomplishment!  The Valley View community is very proud of her.
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  •  waxm
    On May 22 Mrs. Warfield’s and Mrs. Faranda's students created a Living Wax Museum at Valley View. Students worked diligently over the last few weeks to research and explore the lives and important contributions to society of Steven Spielberg, Elvis Presley, Derek Jeter, Albert Einstein, Dr. Seuss, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Abe Lincoln, Houdini, and Martin Brodure. Students dressed up as their persons and created a Google Slide presentation, individual videos and a museum exhibit that included “personal artifacts” to teach their peers, parents and younger students about these relevant Americans.
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  •  artist
    Working together the specialists (Art, Music, Media, Physical Education) created a unit of study on Impressionism. This demonstrated to the students a comprehensive study of Impressionism from different areas of study.  The students engaged in many different activities to learn about Impressionism.  Above, you can see artwork completed by the third grader's in Physical Education class where the children had relay races drawing Van Gogh's The Starry Night.
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  • math24
    Mrs. Magsamen, the Math24 advisor, would like to congratulate the winners as well as all of those who participated and competed in the club.  The winners of the Valley View Math24 2015 competition were:
    First place: Anjali Patel
    Second place: Natalie Yu
    Third place: Shriya Minocha
    Fourth place: Aadit Garg
    Fifth place: Karl Monaco
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  • alienday
    In mid-May, the students in Mrs. Caravello and Ms. Streep's 4th grade class just concluded a science unit about outer space by celebrating the arrival of aliens to Earth! The students researched a planet and then created an alien that could adapt to that planet. They made Interplanetary Space Commission passport posters which displayed information about the alien and their home planet. On our alien day, we held a museum walk, where the students recorded information that they learned about each other's planets.
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  • Police Dear Parents and Guardians,  You may have noticed that recently a police officer has been in front of our building greeting the children.  Do not be alarmed…nothing is wrong.  This practice is part of the Montville Township Police Department’s Community Relations.  The goal is to have our students see officers as reliable adults they can feel comfortable with and reach out to when needed.  They are currently rotating to each of our schools.  We are happy to have members of the Police Department on campus.  Thank you and have a great day.  Dr. Patricia Kennedy, Principal

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  • ACES
    On May 6th, Valley View participated in the 27th anniversary of Project ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously).  Millions of children all over the globe and from all 50 states exercised simultaneously to promote healthy lifestyle and fight childhood obesity.  The program was organized by Mr. Saunders, our physical education teacher to highlight physical education and sports week.
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