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Congrats to Parker Fox in the 2017 Wrestling Championships
Congrats to Dominic Fano in the 2017 Wrestling Championships 

            University of Wisconsin- Girls Soccer              
 Congrats to our Bowling Team: 
Morris County Champions: Four Years in a Row
 "Triple Threat" Program
"Triple Threat" Program"
The High School Athletic Department recently added a banner to our gymnasium.  The banner will honor athletes beginning in the 2015-16 school year who have played three seasons for all four years while a student at Montville Township High School and earned a varsity letter in all three seasons as a senior athlete.  Full time track athletes must be a scoring athlete in all three seasons as a senior.  Students who have competed for three seasons for three years will receive a “Triple Threat” T-shirt encouraging them to continue their commitment to three sports in their senior year.

Although we live in a culture of the specialized athlete, research indicates that multiple sports builds better athletes.  College coaches continue to tell us that they prefer to recruit athletes who were multiple sport athletes while in high school.  We have also observed that the best high school athletic programs have many multiple sport athletes.

We also recognize that being a three season athlete requires tremendous effort, determination and commitment and want to recognize and honor those athletes with our new banner.


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Sacred Heart University- Girls Lacrosse