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Welcome to the Montville Township Curriculum and Instruction Page!


I am excited to be starting my third year in the Montville Township School District.  In just two short years, this department has grown in instructional supervisors, online curricular resources, district course offerings, and digital learning opportunities for both students and staff. 


All of our instructional supervisors will be returning to the district and this will only benefit our instructional programs throughout the district’s schools. Our supervisory leadership consists of the following professionals:  Elise Miller, Supervisor of Elementary Education; Sandra Schwartz, Supervisor of Mathematics, Science, and Business; Edward Fleischman, Supervisor of the Arts; Lisa Howard, Supervisor of World Language and ESL; David Tubbs, Supervisor of Humanities; Patricia Stryker, Supervisor of Special Education; and Paul Pignatello, Supervisor of Physical Education, Health and Athletics.  In addition, we have Jennifer DeSaye, Director of Special Services, and Leslee Scheckman, Director of Guidance and School Counseling.  Together these individuals ensure that our students at every grade level get the best educational experience Montville Township has to offer.


We do know, however, that two of the more unique educational experiences we are providing for our students at Montville Township High School are the Science Research Program, now in its third year, and the Humanities Research Program, beginning its second year.  Combined these two programs will offer more than 1/3 of our students the unique opportunities of a problem based learning environment, where they can explore their passions in science, English, and social studies. 


Here in the Montville Township Public Schools, we are committed to providing the children in our schools a robust and rigorous curriculum that lends itself to varied instructional approaches, which are continuously revised and revisited by informative assessments.  Through differentiation, our teachers can bring the curriculum to every student, regardless of differences in students’ prior knowledge, personal interests, and academic readiness in various subjects.  We further support our children by providing special education and enrichment support services as required by law and good teaching.  By providing opportunities for teachers to articulate within and among schools across the district, we can only promote better instruction for our children. 


As you may be aware, The New Jersey Department of Education has adopted a number of education reform initiatives.  For more information on the State’s initiatives please go to the New Jersey Department of Education website.


Andrea L. Woodring

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Montville Township Public Schools

Ext. 2229