Welcome to Lazar's Student Council
Advisors – Ms. Holman, Ms. Sturdy-Lange, Mr. Vila 
Student Council Seal  
What is the Student Council?
The Student Council is a democratic organization composed of elected representatives and officers who represent their fellow classmates.  The Student Council provides students with the opportunity to voice their opinions concerning school activities and acquire leadership skills.  The representatives plan social activities as well as community projects.
Interested in becoming a member?
Members are selected by their peers in September during homeroom.   
  • One student from each Homeroom will be elected as the Student Council representative.
  • Each student needs to be nominated and seconded.  (Students may nominate or second themselves.)
  • In addition to the one Student Council representative, one alternate representative must be elected.  He/she will attend meetings as a substitute for the regular representative if he/she is unable to attend.
  • All Student Council meetings will be held before school.


 What are the duties/responsibilities of being a representative?

  • All representatives will appoint the offices of President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer from among the members of Homeroom representatives
  • Attend Student Council meetings
  • Vote on all questions or issues discussed at the meeting
  • Assist at council activities
  • Alternate representatives have the same responsibilities
  • Student Council members are expected to maintain the behavioral standards outlined in the Lazar Middle School handbook
  • Student Council members may be removed from office for committing suspendable offenses
  • Student Council members may be removed for not attending meetings
  • Officers will be removed for not fulfilling their duties or for not attending meetings