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  • How to re-enable Speech Recognition for a student

    Students speech recognition may get disabled if they cannot setup their microphone or if they experience to many problems during their lesson. To re-enable their speech follow these steps. PLEASE NOTE: You can only enable the student to turn on speech recognition. The student themselves must actually re-enable the speech recognition part of Rosetta.
    After the student re-enables their speech you must disable their abilty to change their settings. If you do not they will have the abilty to change their difficulty level.
    speechrecognition.pdf 327.86 KB (Last Modified on February 5, 2013)
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  • Rosetta Stone Headset Recommendations

    A list of recommended headsets to purchase for Rosetta Stone
    Headset Recommendations.pdf 184.05 KB (Last Modified on November 26, 2012)
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  • My Reports - Self reporting

    Did you know you can view reports on your child's progress in Rosetta Stone. Here are instructions from Rosetta!
    self_reporting.pdf 403.16 KB (Last Modified on November 21, 2012)
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