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  • This week's Principal's Principle is


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  • Woodmont Vegetable Garden 

     Woodmont's fifth graders paired up with kindergarten to help plant pumpkins, vegetables and flowers in our gardens. 


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  • Multi-Cultural Day 2016


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  •    Congratulations to
     Nandeenee Singh and Colin Loftus
    for receiving the
    Pathways "Making a Difference" Award
    for the 2015-2016 school year.  
     Pathway Winners

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  • Make a Difference Award


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  • nurse

    To all Parents of Woodmont,

    Please continue to check your child's head daily for lice. This parental intervention is the only way to keep it out of Woodmont. A notice was sent home by me on facts about lice. Also, on my health website you can also check on this topic.

    If you have any questions please contact me at janice.shingledecker@montville.net or 973-331-7100 ext  1810.

    Mrs. Shingledecker


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  • A big "Way To Go"
    to Woodmont's March
    Student of the Month Winners 
     student of the month

    Congratulations to:
      Araina Gupta  (Kindergarten)

     Jay Verma (Grade 1)

    Jake Schneider (Grade 2)

    Eric Geisinger (Grade 3)
    Owen Rothenberg  (Grade 4)
    Sahith Thopucherla  (Grade 5)
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  • A big "Way To Go"
    to Woodmont's April
    Student of the Month Winners 
     Student of the Month

    Congratulations to:
      Maikel Otero-Torres  (Kindergarten)

     Aditya Anand (Grade 1)

    Tara McAuley (Grade 2)

    Adrian Kida (Grade 3)
    Sofia Matari  (Grade 4)
    Amogh Dalal  (Grade 5)
    The student of the month winners exhibit
    100%  daily effort, good listening skills and are always respectful to faculty and classmates.

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    woodmont hero

    Woodmont Heroes!

     Here are our Woodmont Heroes for November! Each of them went above and beyond to help our Woodmont community! You can read more about each of our heroes by clicking on “This Month’s Woodmont Heroes” under the “Woodmont Heroes” tab on the webpage.


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