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  •   Woodmont School
    Your journey to success begins here  
    Home of Paws the Wildcat 


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  • This week's Principal's Principle is


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  • Multi-Cultural Day 2016


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  •    Congratulations to
     Nandeenee Singh and Colin Loftus
    for receiving the
    Pathways "Making a Difference" Award
    for the 2015-2016 school year.  
     Pathway Winners

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  • Make a Difference Award


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  • A big "Way To Go"
    to Woodmont's February
    Student of the Month Winners 
     student of the month

    Congratulations to:
      Chetan Venkadara (Kindergarten)

     Aiden Leka (Grade 1)

    Nadira Khan (Grade 2)

    Kevin Trombitas (Grade 3)
    Deanna Neff  (Grade 4)
    Ava Gallucci (Grade 5)

    The student of the month winners exhibit
    100%  daily effort, good listening skills and are always respectful to faculty and classmates.

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    woodmont hero

    Woodmont Heroes!

     Here are our Woodmont Heroes for November! Each of them went above and beyond to help our Woodmont community! You can read more about each of our heroes by clicking on “This Month’s Woodmont Heroes” under the “Woodmont Heroes” tab on the webpage.


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  • paw print

    paw prints paw prints

    Woodmont’s Art Club demonstrated their school spirit by painting the school grounds with the Paw prints from the school mascot, Paws the Wildcat! Fifth grade students worked together and marked the grounds around the building. The art club under the guidance of Ms. Brianne Orefice, art teacher, painted blue paws to help guide Woodmont students along their journey to success.

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  • Student Council Theme Days

     pawprint  Every Friday is Woodmont/Montville Pride Day pawprint

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  • paws promises


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