2015-2016 Supply Lists


    1st Grade 

    • ½" x 11 " spiral notebook with wide spacing
    • 3 two pocket folders
    • 2 highlighters (two colors)
    • 1 roll of scotch tape
    • a backpack (no wheels)


    Second Grade 

              On the first day of school, please send the following things with your child:

    • A list of books you read over the summer
    • Lots of stories to tell our class about your summer
    •  pocket folders
    • 4 black marble notebooks
    • red pens
    • highlighters



    Third Grade Supply List

    • A 1 inch, 3 ring VIEW BINDER in BLUE
    • 6 two-pocket folders WITH 3 RING HOLES (Plastic or Laminated)
    • 10 one subject spiral notebooks
    • 1 marble notebook
    • 4 JUMBO book socks (optional)
    • 2 highlighters
    • 2 pens for correcting
    • 1 ream of loose leaf paper
    • 1 4-pack of 3x3 post-it notes

    ***Reminder for Parents***

    Please help your child to be prepared for school throughout the school year by checking their supplies periodically.

    Thank you!


    4th Grade Supply List

    • 1 Pack of Thin Black Sharpie Markers
    • Œ6 black/white, 100 page composition notebooks
    • 1 (1in.) 3-ring hard binder w/ plastic front cover (lime green or white)
    • Seven 3-hole punched folders (must be 3 hole punch folders, no metal clasp folders) They go back and forth to school with you, so sturdy folders are best.) 
    • 6 pack, Post It Notes, any color
    • 3 Yellow Hi-Lighters
    • White Out – Correction TAPE (3 pack)
    • 3 Jumbo Book Soxs
    • 3 pkg – 3x5 lined index cards

    Please label all supplies with your child’s name, including folders and notebooks.  Some general supplies will be kept in a bin for general class use.


    5th Grade Supply List

    • Œ1 pack of Colored Pens- 8 pack
    • 1 (1in.) 3-ring hard binder w/ plastic front cover) – this will be like your Frog Binders from 4th grade (you will find out the new name on the 1st day of school)!
    • Three 3-hole punched folders (must be 3 hole punch folders, no metal folders ~ solid colors only – these will be in your binder all year long, and go back and forth to school with you everyday, so sturdy folders are best.)
    •  1  3-Subject spiral notebook
    • 6 Composition Notebooks
    • 6 pocket folders (any kind & design – different from solid folders above)
    • Bic White Out – correction tape
    • 3 different color Hi-Lighters
    • 3 Jumbo Book Sox
    • 3 packs of Post-It notes
    • 1 roll of clear tape
    • hand-held pencil sharpener
    • 3 THICK Black Sharpie Markers
    • 2 THIN Black Sharpie Markers


    Black Line



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